Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Is Money Important For Happiness??

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By: Harith Faisal Bin Mohd Imam Ma’arof
Essay Writing Competition 2008 (National Open Category).

What is money? It is a coin or a banknote used as a medium of exchange for goods and services with fixed denomination. It is necessary because mankind must exchange to prosper and live together happily. We can procure anything we desire when we have the wherewithal. Happiness, which includes the pleasant emotions and moods that comprise it, is undeniably the one aspect of our lives with any ultimate value. Aristotle delineated it as ‘the highest mood’.

Actually, money is the most vital factor for happiness. Today, money is the basic of everything around the world. It is demonstrated when students prefer business courses rather than liberal arts for the sake of earning big money to survive and be happy in the future. Besides, most people declare that teaching is not a lucrative profession. As a result, teaching is not a popular career choice. All of these examples evince that money is vital especially for the long term happiness.

Nowadays, parents ever choose sons-in-laws indiscriminately. They object to their daughter’s matrimonies unless their future son-in-laws have jobs with splendid prospects. For instance, you are a dedicated doctor, a charismatic solicitor or the wealthiest human in the world. It is easier for you to marry well. We have no arduousness to be happy from these matrimonies because actually we can create the happiness for our spouse gradually. Our old folks say that love after matrimony is better and more eternal compared to the love before matrimony.

Furthermore, money becomes an authentic happiness factor when the recipients may truly require something such as education for children, clothing, paying rents or resources for recreation and amusement. An overwhelming majority of people are trained to be acquisitive from an early age and are not considered successful unless they make good money and obtain their desirable things. Hereby, this conventional trait may invent their happiness. In fact, it is worthwhile because it will be a motivation to the individual to thrive.

Moreover, money is utilized to blossom our spiritual happiness. True happiness for eternity is always based on love for God. Hence, here on earth, we are preparing for eternal life to get excellent divine balance of supporting ourselves and our family together. For example, with the money we have, we can donate to the disaster victim, the orphanages, or the welfare associations. I am optimistic to state that all religions propose their worshippers to facilitate others and Islam the best way of life which facilitate us in the whole aspects in our daily life. Thanks Allah.

Overall, the absence of money won’t make anyone happy. Exceptionally, imagine for a moment teh Indonesians and Philippines who are workaholics in our country only for acquiring miserable wages. Nevertheless, they never ‘throw in the towels’ instead work endlessly. We should interpret their zest by developing our county in all sectors. My advice, never cease from earning money and enhance your monetary level because Deng Xiau-ping said ‘to get rich is glorious’. So, when all is said and done, I would like to emphasize that money is one of the most vital factor for happiness.


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