Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Why This Entry Posted In English?

English? Why this entry posted in English? Sometime we should practise to us English in our life. We cannot deny that English in one of the main language in the world so, we should improve our English usage skills to make us easy to communicate with people from other country.

In order to increase my traffic rate of my blog in search engine, occasionally, I will post my entry in English version. How this happens? With the largest English user community in this world, they will find my blog by searching certain keywords suitable with my blog entry. So, my blog traffic rate will increase. For those who are not very well in English, don’t worry because I think I will post only a few entries in English for annually. Haha.. Better few than never.

After my blog traffic rate increased in search engine, hopefully, people throughout the world can reach my blog and read my sharing info in my blog easier. InsyaAllah, my dakwah will spread wider and give benefits for all of my blog readers and followers.

My first English entry for my blog is the previous entry. Actually it is an essay. I wrote that essay when I was in Form 5 (2008). Interested to participate in an Essay Writing Competition make me eager to write this essay titled as ‘Is Money Important For Happiness??’. Click here to read the whole essay.

Usop, one of the characters of famous telefilm ‘Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah’ said:

“Itulah pentingnya English Education”

Okay, that’s all for now. See ya..!!



  1. this is great..keep on the good work!!!

  2. > Emma Safa
    hehe.. kadang2 speaking bleh la.. kalo nak fully in english, mmg susah la nak update blog saya nih..

  3. Great!!.. keep it up bro..